Remix Thursday pt. 6

So our boy Ben-Kei had a sick Japanese rap name "Yari-Nige" which was given to him by his then Japanese girlfriend. Literally means have sex with a girl and then run away. Ben-Kei accepted this name and unleashed the Yari-Nige rap track, blew our minds but also exposed himself at the same time. Check out this remix when our boy was killing it. Now he's just a tame ho.

In order:
Ben-Kei (Formerly Yari-Nige)
Working Class

Remix Thursday pt. 4

Remix Thursday!  This beat was originally made for a Jedi Mind Trick's remix contest.  Using that material to showcase Mr. Dawgface Flawless the Knoxvillian while he tears up his verse on the No Pants Dance which you can check out on our youtube.  (  Beat is reminiscent of some older Jedi beats ala Stoupe, but no samples in this one, all original composed material.  No Pants Dance will be featured on ii Kanji's upcoming album ii Kanji the album pt. 2 "The Destruction"

Remix Thursday pt. 3


Remix tres from the ii Kanji album pt. 2 The Spectacle of Magnificence.  This verse features ii Kanji's Ben-Kei the only rapper who graduated from Harvard… ever.  The beat is a Japanese techno influenced beat.


Remix Thursday pt. 2

Remix Thursday! Remix today is from ii Kanji's own MC Ronin aka Cyph. This remix is from the upcoming track "India" which a heavy afro cuban influenced track. This remix is called "Team" and is a hot rock beat.

Remix Thursdays!

Remix Thursday! Check out this remix with Anxious Baby from Denver. This is a remix from the track "Dance Supreme" from the upcoming ii Kanji album pt. 2. The track is called "Homage a Santana" and is influenced by Brazilian Samba and of course the musical stylings of Santana. Check it out!